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Master the skills of shock control, calm and calm, and escape

Time: 2017/5/12

In order to improve the students capacity of the emergency evacuation and fire-fighting skill, enhance student safety consciousness, Feng Li school in the 5 - 12 earthquake disaster reduction day ", the school security office to organize a vivid life education course -- the" 5 - 12 earthquake disaster reduction day and earthquake evacuation drills. This event, Longxin attaches great importance to the police station in charge of fire, deputy director Chen Hui, officer Zhang Peng to guide the work and carry out safety education speech and fire fighting skills training.
At 3:05 p.m., President Zhang Bin announced that "5 • 12 earthquake prevention and emergency emergency evacuation exercise" began, and only listen to "whining" and "whining"...... "The quick alarm rang across the campus and heard the earthquake warning." the class teacher immediately told the students, "the earthquake is coming. Don't panic, hurry up," the students hid under the desk and held their hands in their heads. 1 minutes after the emergency evacuation alarm sounded, the students fled the classroom quickly and orderly under the leadership of the teacher, the school in accordance with the unified planning escape routes and emergency evacuation guidance member on each floor, the corridor next to the playground for emergency evacuation. More than 2600 students and teachers were evacuated from 4 hours and 35 seconds to the safety zone.
Then, the activities director Zhang Bin the president made a speech on safety education and training activities are summarized, new police station deputy director Chen Hui to carry out safety education to address all students and fire skills training; safety office director Deng at the rally, read the students' safety knowledge contest winners and awards. After the evacuation drills carried out fire fire drills, staff canteen, school duty firefighters, some of the students and school team members to participate in the practical operation of the exercise of fire.
Through this exercise activities, the school teachers and students increased the awareness of earthquake shelters and fire safety, improved the emergency escape ability, safety awareness and fire fighting skills of teachers and students, and achieved the expected goal of activities.