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Electric car into a new fire hazard in Shanghai

Time: 2017/3/1

28 reporters learned from the fire department in Shanghai, from last year and data analysis in recent years showed that electric bicycle charging cause fire hazards, is becoming one of the salient features of Shanghai fire.
According to official data show that in 2016, Shanghai City, the fire situation is generally stable, there were 4464 fires, killed 44 people, injured 38 people, the direct economic loss of 78 million 851 thousand yuan (RMB, same below), down 3.1%, 15.4%, 5%, 47%, no major fire accidents and above.
Electric bicycles have gradually become a new fire hazard in Shanghai. Shanghai Fire Department said, only one year, because the electric car fire occurred 92, resulting in 5 deaths, accounting for 11.4% of the total number of deaths. Therefore, the Shanghai Fire Department in particular will be "electric bicycle charging fire caused great harm", listed as one of the eight characteristics of fire safety in Shanghai last year.
October 28, 2016, Pudong New Area Boshan District residential buildings due to 1 floor corridor electric bicycle charging fire, but fortunately timely disposal, evacuation of 47 people, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable. In November 7th of the same year, Songjiang District Hui Bridge Village Chedun town residential floor for electric bicycle charging caused a fire, killing 1 people.
Think Shanghai Fire Department, due to the lack of electric bicycle safety standards, product quality and safety when using uneven in quality; the public awareness is weak, often illegal parking, overload, long time charging, resulting in fire hazard rate and death toll rising.