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Lampblack machine fire

Time: 2017/4/4

9:10 on April 4th, following the Longgang Public Security Bureau police station received a public warning: a snack shop No. 4001 Shenzhen Longgang city Longgang District Longgang Street South Avenue community fire. After receiving the police situation, the police quickly set off to the scene.
After investigation, the shop manager Qian Mouliang (male, 29 years old, Hubei Chibi people) morning in the kitchen soup, oil smoke lampblack machine above the drop to the edge of the pot soup on fire caused by fire, the stove and range hood surface oil without regular cleaning, the fire from spreading to the stove hood above the fire caused by fire an area of about 0.5 square meters, burned a lampblack machine, the fire caused no casualties. Subsequently, the police verbally summoned to the police station for investigation of money mouliang.
After the trial, money mouliang truthfully admit its negligence, not timely cleaning lampblack machine, too much oil, caused by the illegal facts of fire, fire caused by the negligence of the violations confessed. According to the relevant laws and regulations, the Dragon police station shall impose administrative detention for ten days punishment on the illegal behavior of Qian Mouliang.
Longgang police tips: dining places to strengthen fire safety management, equipment of fire fighting equipment, regular cleaning lampblack machine, flue gas facilities, to avoid the oil attached too much fire.